How to Share the Gospel in Today’s Day and Age

I sipped my coffee across from a dear friend after a Sunday Service. It was her first few months with the church, and I wanted to catch up on how she was feeling and settling into the environment. We both spoke for a long while, reflecting on the sermon given that morning and how it resonated with our spirit when someone approached our table. They had overheard our conversation and wanted to share a couple of words with us. "I have never heard the gospel spoken like that before," he said.

At first, I was taken aback and felt awkward that somebody had been listening to our conversation (we weren't being THAT loud). I questioned, "What do you mean?"

"Well, I couldn't help but overhear…I grew up thinking the Word of God was just in Bible verses that were only important for Sunday School. I never thought about the Gospel as a way of life teachings and stories," he replied.

Moved by the Spirit, my friend and I knew our queue. So we jumped into a conversation about the Gospel and ultimately shared our experiences and relationship with Christ. I also gently suggested how he might go about bettering his relationship with God through the Gospel. It was truly a blessing to have that eye-opening conversation with a complete stranger about the word of Christ and got me thinking about how we might share the Gospel in modern times.

It was a random interaction, yet I felt truly alive to share something so personally important to me. In today's day and age, sharing the Gospel can be a true challenge. With all of the connectivity online, you would think that sharing the Gospel is easy, yet there's a vast difference between speaking the word of God in person and online.

On top of that, if you are search engines only work if you KNOW what you are searching for…for those who struggle to find Christ's words or live in his teachings, I yearn for answers but don't know enough to even begin their search into the Gospel.

Speaking face-to-face with someone in my daily interactions made all the difference in terms of impact and influence, and I wanted to share my own two cents on communicating your faith with others.

To whom do we preach?

When it comes down to it, Mark 16:15 says, "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation." When given the opportunity, it should be our mission to deliver teachings of our faith to everyone, but is there a particular group of people we should specifically preach to?

Prioritizing spiritual conversations with those actively looking into joining the church is the best way to start your journey of preaching the gospel every day. Not only are you hosting a conversation about the life of Jesus Christ and how it impacted you, but you're also sharing your experiences with Christ and learning more about a fellow member in the Spirit. If you think about it, those actively joining the church or those who want to have a stronger spiritual relationship are looking for a solution. Welcoming words about the Gospel and holding a spiritual conversation can work wonders for interested folks and your own clarity.

Once you've held these conversations with people who follow in Jesus Christ's footsteps, you might reach out to those who aren't actively seeking the Gospel out. Just like in my encounter, a complete stranger inquired into the Word of Christ as I was talking about it with a friend!

How do we share the Gospel?

Everyday Actions

For most, sharing the Gospel means living in Christ's words. The best way to teach the Gospel is to live it: to share the Word of the Lord through your everyday actions. This affects your spiritual abundance and emotional understanding, but it also affects every person you interact with daily. They SEE you living in the Lord's word, and they can use you as an example of what a life in Jesus Christ looks like. This is especially true with your adult colleagues, whether coworkers, friends, or extended family. Living the word and modeling your life is one of the best ways to share the Lord's word.

Lending an Ear and Sharing Your Voice

Putting your listening ears on and listening to others' experiences are another way to share the Gospel. You can only share your experience with the word of God and how the scriptures have impacted your life. Listening to another person's struggles and empathizing with their hardships sets you up for success when giving spiritual advice. Making an influence on someone else's spiritual relationship with the Gospel and the word of God stems from applying it to relevant aspects of their hardships. Without that connection, there is no basis for a spiritual relationship between the person and the Gospel. Making that connection and showing our neighbors is the task with which God blessed us. Remember, listening makes more of an impact than speaking over the person.

Physical Reminders and Mementos

Something I wish I had on me the day I was approached in that coffee shop was a physical reminder or memento I would be able to give that man. Unfortunately, without a way to contact him, I have no idea if he dove deeper into the word of Christ or his spirituality. With a physical and straightforward reminder of Christ's sacrifices, he could have been more inclined to go to a service instead of without. After that experience, I keep an Evangecube ready in my bag. With a simple and intriguing design, it would have been easy to explain Christ's sacrifice in a way that connected back to the stranger's life. In addition, it would also spark several conversations just by having it out with me during my everyday activities. Having a physical memento and teaching device is also helpful as you share the Gospel in impromptu conversations (just in case you feel flustered and need guidance.) If you want to hear more about the Evangecube and how it helped a fellow brother in Christ, click here.

In the end, sharing the Gospel isn't too difficult when you practice it daily. Act in the ways of the Gospel, listen to others and empathize, and finally, make sure you have a memento to guide you and your fellow neighbor in the ways of Christ.