The Original Evangecube

The EvangeCube by E3 Resources is a seven-picture cube that simply and clearly unfolds the gospel of Jesus Christ. Highly portable and usable in any language, the EvangeCube is a preferred tool for mission trips and church outreach events.


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Evangecube | eCube Classic | Fun & Portable Evangelism Cube
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4 Pack of The Gospel Sharing Evangecube by E3 Resources
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Big eFolds Evangelism (Pack of 6)
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eCube Grip | Evangelism Puzzle Cube Grip
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About Us

We are a group of passionate Believers in Jesus Christ, that have been creating products for Evangelism, Prayer, and Discipleship since 1999. With the EvangeCube being our first product, it has been labeled one of the most simple and clear evangelism tools ever!

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The Evangecube Story

 Check out our 20 year anniversary video. See the evolution of the Evangecube and E3 Resources over the past 20 years

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E3 Resources Impact on missionaries and pastors

totally committed to using the evangeCube and taking them all over the world. An easy and effective way to communicate the Gospel!

Pastor Rodney

We saw 100 people pray for God’s gift of salvation on our recent trip to Colombia using this amazing evangeCube! Thank you so much for your wonderful evangelism tool.

It was exciting to see the passion of these Haitian pastors and church leaders sharing the Gospel with confidence using the evangeCube! Thank you.

About 6-7 years ago, I had the wonderful privilege of teaching directors of evangelism from across the country on how to use the evangeCube. Today, many of those same directors have gone on to become pastors in their local churches and continue using the cubes in their outreach to their local communities and taking on mission trips all over the world

We had a block party on my street on Saturday and God used me to lead someone to Jesus! He is a friend and after I showed him the evangeCube, he got very enthusiastic about the Gospel. I wear the eBand with the Gospel colors on it too and can show it to everyone. It was a very hot day, but it was worth it! It was a great experience for me.


Thank you for providing a resource that we will be using to share the gospel in Africa. We pray the cube will be used over and over as a way for the people to share the gospel long after we are gone.


Your bracelets inspired us. Your partners in SouthEast Asia.


I just wanted to let you all know that I've had your EvangeCube for so many years and use it so much I've rubbed it completely white, and I've had to replace the stickers in places with electrical tape so it lasts longer. I don't want a free one or anything, it's just interesting to me to see what the thing used to look like and what I've done with it.

Yale Waller

Good morning. I went on an e3 trip to Bolivia with my church a number of years back and was introduced to the Evangecube. I bought a bunch to share with people in my church to help them share the gospel. Thanks for such an easy-to-use tool!

May God continue to bless your ministry. 

Ken Weikel

This is not my first order from e3 Resources!

I'm a short-term missionary in association with the International Commission organization. The Evangecube is my favorite tool for sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Thanks for what you do.

Margie Williams

I have used the Evangecube on mission trips.  It is a great tool.  I ordered these to use in our church's new block ministry program. Our mission is to get acquainted with and learn the needs of people in our community one block at a time. 

Jean Bartlett

Helpful and compact, our Fun & Portable Evangelism Cube (eCube Classic) is perfect to bring anytime, anywhere! This is an ideal gift for family, friends, Pastors, youth leaders, Sunday school teachers, missionaries, Lay Leaders and more who want to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ more simply and interestingly to young adults and kids. Only at 7cm in size, this easy to use evangelism puzzle cube allows you to be creative in bringing and sharing the Gospel with you anywhere you go.



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