Creative Ways to Share the Gospel

Whether you were born into a family of believers or new to following Jesus, it's no secret that we are tasked with sharing the Gospel.

But sometimes, understanding what we are supposed to do and knowing exactly how to do it can be a challenge.

That's why we'd love to share some creative ways to share the Gospel.

First, to share the Gospel, you must know the Gospel. That means you should spend time reading and understanding God's Word. How does one do this? It means opening your Bible and reading passages, but you must open your heart to the Holy Spirit. Ask God to speak His wisdom into your heart BEFORE you begin your reading. Then, prayerfully take the Gospel one step at a time. It's not a race, nor is there any "final" you need to prepare for, so be open to the Holy Spirit as you spend time with the Word. A good rule of thumb, especially if you are just starting, is to set aside 10 minutes daily to spend in the Word. Use that time to read and ask yourself what lessons God has for YOU as you work through the passages. We often find journaling after you have read to be a beneficial tool to understand better the richness of what is in the Gospel.

After you have a comfortable understanding of the Gospel, here are some creative ways to share the Gospel with those around you.

Verse Cards

Bible Verse Card

In the world of social media, text messaging, and digital communication, we have lost the familiarity and beauty of written correspondence. These cards provide an excellent opportunity to share the Gospel while commenting, connecting, and conversing with friends. If you have a coworker you'd like to congratulate on a recent promotion, you might send a card with Luke 16:10-11 "One who is faithful in a very little is also faithful in much." Suppose you have a friend that needs encouragement because they are walking through a season of financial worry. In that case, you might send Matthew 6:25-33…or simply a snippet reminder to "Look at the birds…" because just as God takes care of the small animals and fields as believers, we trust that God will take care of us as well.

Host A Bible Study

bible study

Often the simple act of inviting another person to join you in study is the easiest way to share the Gospel. Remember, it's not just about evangelizing to people who have never heard about Jesus. Sharing the Gospel also includes assisting the faithful (or the curious) in deepening their understanding and relationship with the Word. Hosting a Bible Study and inviting people to join you are creating an environment where you can share the Gospel.

Pocket Prompts

friends talking

One of our favorite ice breakers is to simply ask someone, "what's your favorite Gospel verse?" If they answer you immediately, the conversation is easy… merely ask why it's their favorite, and you've got a shortcut to hearing what's important. (fun fact, people LOVE to talk about things that are important to them, so if you are uncomfortable talking with people you don't know, this strategy can buy you time!) On the other hand, if they don't have a verse that they gravitate towards, you can share lets them know that you have knowledge and interest in the Gospel. It also lets them know you aren't afraid to share your beliefs, allowing you to evangelize without demanding they align with your beliefs. Sharing from your heart without requesting anything in return is a great way to share the Gospel.

Hands And Feet Work

volunteer work

Often, when people think about sharing the Gospel, they get caught up in memorizing or reciting specific verses and forget there are ways to live the Gospel and be an incredible example to those around them. For instance, Matthew 5:16, ESV says, "In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven." Your good works and efforts do more to communicate the Gospel than the noisy person on the street corner yelling at passers-by with a Gospel verse on their sign. Remember that by living a holy life, a life that is in service to others and alignment with the teachings of Jesus in the Gospel, you are sharing the Gospel without ever having to memorize or recite a verse.


The most important thing to remember is that when you are ready to share the Gospel, you begin by inviting the Holy Spirit into your heart to give you the wisdom to know what to share and what words, actions, and influence you can use to help draw souls to God.