This video covers the Evangecube. Please enjoy the video transcription.

God created man to have a relationship with him, but that relationship was changed severely as man sinned. And that separated him from God. But God sent the perfect solution to that problem in his son, Jesus Christ, who died on the cross to take away the sins of the world. After Jesus lived a perfect and sinless life, he was crucified on the cross and then buried in the tomb garden.

Roman soldiers seal by great stone. But on the third day, God raised Jesus from the dead demonstrating that Christ payment for our sins, satisfied God's judgment and had defeated sin, Satan, and death.

Here's the incredible part. This is the same guy from the front. The guy separated from God by sin. Here's God, this represents each one of us, but the difference is now he can see the way Jesus said, I am the way the truth and the life. And nobody comes to the father except by me. So the good news is that heaven is a free gift offered to every single one of us. The Bible says that if we accept that free gift by inviting Jesus Christ to come into our life and we surrender our life to him, we'll spend eternity with God in heaven. But unfortunately the bad news that nobody wants to talk about is if it's rejected one day, there's a sentence for our sins because we're paying for them ourselves. And the wages of sin is death. And that separation from God.

If you like, you could pray a prayer like this with me to accept Jesus Christ offers salvation. Lord, I know I'm a sinner. I know. I cannot say

There's only two things that are eternal God's word

And our job is to connect those two.

In 1998, I had a strategic planning meeting, all of our senior leadership and some outside business people came in to advise us and help us really shape and form a strategic plan. And one of the outcomes there were many, but one of the primary outcomes of that strategic plan was we recognized that we need to create some new innovative tools for both evangelism and discipleship.

A gentlemen named Jim white, that I worked with on staff at global missions fellowship and Steve Sims. Uh, we're actually sitting in my office and we were looking at pictures of another guy on staff named Craig Poston. And Craig was, uh, in these pictures was actually sitting around a fire pit with a group of Haitians that were illiterate. And so he had these, uh, these posters, uh, representing, uh, different pictures in the Bible about the death burial, resurrection of Christ. And so I had been given a cube, um, by an ad specialty group. And so I was sitting there kind of flipping that cube, you know, and talking with Jim and Steve, and we're looking at these pictures and I just said, and wouldn't it be cool if we could put these pictures on this cube? And so Jim is the genius. And the whole thing Jim said, well, let me, let me take it.

And, uh, and so Jim went home that night and Jim showed up the next morning. He had posted notes all over it with the scribbling marks and really representing what the images are today or the range cube. And I remember I, we took it and we walked into Curtis Hale's office, who was the executive vice president and global missions fellowship at the time. And we showed it to Curtis and he's looked at us and said, that's it. I remember they were so excited and, and their enthusiasm caught on with all of us. And, uh, pretty soon they've engaged Nathan's brother Jeff sheets to go get this thing outsourced. He tried to explain to me this, this that had been dropped off at their office, this ad specialty cube. So he's trying to explain to me how it works. And he says, you know, we can put the gospel presentation on it and it just kind of flips and folds.

And I'm like, like a Rubik's cube. No, no, no. It flips. And anyhow, um, I'll tell you what I'll do. Um, I'll, uh, I'll send it to you. And I said, okay, that's great. I'd love to see it. And I hung up the phone. I walked out of my office up to the receptionist desk and sitting on the front counter of my office in Franklin, Tennessee, 700 miles away. Wasn't a stack of these CNA Unisource cubes that had been dropped off to tell about the services and CA Unisource offered. And I opened it up and, and I ran back in my office that I called him. I said, dude, you are not going to believe this. I've got one of those cubes. He goes, where'd you get it? I said, God delivered it right to my front desk while we were on the phone. The first time I ever heard about the advantage of Q was two weeks after I had become a Christian that was 40 years old.

And I have met this guy two weeks prior. And he starts telling me about this idea in this cube. And maybe we could, uh, start like a business or a ministry around it. I had just become a Christian and I was fresh. And somehow, uh, I felt like I had never heard the gospel in the first 40 years of my life. And I figured if there's a way to simply explain the gospel and show people, the gospel is you're telling them the story. Um, I figured that could be life changing for millions of people, Curtis, having to be in town and called me. And he said, I gotta show you something. And so he pulled out the advantage of cube and I will never forget when I saw it. He went through the presentation. I was not impressed. I mean, I thought, seriously, we have reduced the gospel to six or seven pictures.

This is embarrassing. Are you kidding me? And so I was like, I love Curtis loved the guys on the team, love what they do, but I don't know about this. And then we went into the Arab world and then we started to see that God's hand was on the advantage of cube. It was, it was miraculous. Think about it. There are three primary reasons. People typically don't share the gospel. It has to do with lack of knowledge, lack of opportunity, lack of boldness. Well, the advantage that you've helped, you overcome all three of those things because you have a tool that helps step you through the gospel presentation and prompt you and remind you of the verses to use it the right time. It totally empowers them to share the gospel on their own. I mean, they feel if they lack confidence, they pick up an advantage, a cube, and all of a sudden they feel literally equipped to share the gospel.

They're not going to get off track, uh, but to share clear, simple message, just to see the receptivity of that and to see how the gospel and the Holy spirit penetrating people's hearts. Just through that simple presentation was really amazing. I mean, we would go out for two hours after the training and go out and go share the gospel. If there were a hundred people in the training, then you'd come back and there would be 500 or a thousand people that accepted Christ. And they were curious and they were asking questions, but somehow there was a draw. It was a magnet. And of course it all magnified cheeses, but it was just the best thing to get them into a spiritual conversation about Jesus.

You know, some, some of the people that we've worked with in the partnerships. Oh, absolutely. When we think of literally starting with global missions, fellowship and Lifeway, basically it was the start. And by the time it was done, we had pulled in, I mean, the David Burton's Florida Baptist convention, you know, the, the North American mission board, all the different state conventions that pulled together the 60 plus 60,000 plus churches that directly that we worked with. And then you go into the different ministries, uh, overseas missions, organizations, you know, family legacy. There's some ladies in Franklin, Tennessee that have been doing this for 18 years and Sandy and Melissa Melanie. Um, and it's amazing because they're on the phone all day long taking orders. And we used to get upset because they'd be on the phone for an hour and a half. And you know, at the end of the day, they're, they're sitting there ministering to the people, praying with people, praying with people throughout the conversation. And it has built these unbelievably deep friendships relationships partnerships, literally around the world. And today we've got a brand new president, um, Joshua Yarborough, who was leading us in a great way. It just was such a picture of the big C church, the body of Christ coming together, leveraging one simple tool to accomplish one overarching mission to share the gospel of Jesus.

It's a God story. It started off as a small really crazy idea. We had no money to put it into effect to create the first batch, but God provided the money for that provided the talent and the knowledge of people who knew how to get products produced in China. God, just along the way, provided exactly the right people, the right resources at just the right time. So it's been a God story from beginning to end. I think when in the early days of the advantage accused, it was all about just simple obedience. Just do what God has called you to do. I don't think there was ever a dream of 20 years now. We would still be talking about the advantage that you've been in was still be being used around the world. 5 million advanced cubes distributors, you know, over 60 countries of the world, seen leaders embrace it. Former Muslims, uh, former Orthodox Jews and Israel to see them embrace it, saying, we can do this. We can do this and them sharing with their people and them getting involved. And then after that, seen teams go in one, two, three, and years where we had 10 or 12 teams going in hundreds of cubes going in, people hearing about Jesus for the first time,

Who knows. I mean, we, we think about the numbers that came to faith that we saw, but the cube there's going to be people that saw this, came to faith in Christ that nobody knows about the gospel is the gospel. It will never ever change. And the simplicity and the power of the gospel, uh, is why we're here and why we'll continue to serve and support everybody out there as best. We know how, you know, the only good works that really last are those that are going to be eternal. And that's the heart and the souls of men and people to continually look for the opportunity, you know, to see who the Holy spirit is touched and, and placed into your sphere of influence that you can share with them about how God has touched him, changed your own life is the greatest opportunity to make an impact for eternity. I think the future is bright for the advantage of Q because there's a generation of people that are not being trained or equipped to share the gospel. And when they see this, it rocks their world. It's revolutionary. They didn't know it was that easy. They might be buying into what others say about Christianity. So this is powerful. It's a magnet. And I think that's going to use it in this generation.