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  • Seeing The Truth

    14th Dec 2018

    Seeing The Truth

    "I love using the EvangeCard to share the gospel. Recently I had a patient on the first day after h…

    Published by Dr. Brister

  • Bangladesh Story of Hope!

    14th Dec 2018

    Bangladesh Story of Hope!

    Here is one of our students using the EvangeCubes in Bangladesh. We've heard many testimonies about…

  • EvangeCube Trainings in Africa!

    14th Dec 2018

    EvangeCube Trainings in Africa!

    “We have trained over 150,000 people in Africa to use the EvangeCube, with more being trained every…

    Published by Barry Wood

  • God's Miracle In A Gas Leak

    14th Dec 2018

    God's Miracle In A Gas Leak

    “There are so many times, in so many places around the world, that God has specifically protected me…

    Published by Jeannie

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