Why Do We Celebrate Christmas Day?

On December 25th we celebrate the birth of Christ: the day God entered his created world in the shape of a baby.

Christmas Day is not the whole story. It’s just the opening chapter. Our celebrations can only be complete if they embrace what that baby went on to do in his life, why he did it and what it means for us.

A birth in humble, lowly stable.  Early childhood as a refugee. A 3-year ministry featuring radical new teaching, performing amazing miracles, sharing compelling stories along with careful nurturing and mentoring, while living out this role-model to his closest followers.

All culminating into His purpose of being born. The ultimate self-sacrifice. A willing sacrifice from the cradle to the cross. For you…for me…for all mankind!

From that fateful day of judgement in the Garden of Eden, God knew  His plan. He would one day………at His appointed time……… offer Himself up as the ultimate sacrifice to be born…live…and die for the sins of the ages in the form of a baby, Jesus!

I read recently of a song that goes: Man shall live forever more because of Christmas Day’.

That is the reason why we celebrate Christmas Day!

Merry Christmas~~Sandy