Ways To Honor New Moms on Mother's Day

With this being the very first Mother’s Day for my dear friend and co-worker here at e3 Resources, Melissa; I thought it would be appropriate to write this week’s blog with her (and baby) in mind.

We all ask new momma’s, “How I can help?” or “Let me know if you need something.”

Here’s how you can help. Some helpful hints, and by-all-means, if you have any additional tips, please share.



Bring on the food!


New mommas are tired, sore, and probably hungry. So, don’t wait until the baby is born before you ask about favorite meals, soups, casseroles, any diet restrictions, etc., go ahead and make your plans now so you are ready to help when the time comes. You can freeze dishes ahead of time, and take over already heated up or give them the option when to eat. (It’s always nice to write out the recipe as well and attach to dish.)

Offer to take big brother and/or sister out of the house

Again, I say “OUT OF THE HOUSE!” Give momma and daddy some time alone with the new little one. It will be helpful for them to bond with their baby in a peaceful, uninterrupted environment. Also, make sure you take the kiddos to the park, on a hike, bowling, any place that will wear out those little dudes!

Do NOT overstay your welcome!


This goes for friends, neighbors, family, AND parents! New mommas’ hormones and emotions are already in a heightened state. So, be very sensitive to their needs. Give them some space, you’ve got time. Be careful not to overload them with advice and personal opinions. (But If momma and daddy have questions, give them advice).

**Please remember to add some grace to the conversation. You may disagree with their parenting style, but know that they are “O.J.T.!” “On the Job Training”.



Bring the clean!


This happens to be one of my personal favorites! Another great tip is offer an hour or two or more time to clean their house. Not necessarily the whole house, but ask them which rooms they’d prefer. (Usually kitchen and bathrooms, right?) Also, it would be extra nice to bring with you: cleaners, paper towels, rags, etc. Just load them up in a bucket, clean, and take them back. (Reminder: you are there to clean, not sit and talk) I know it sounds harsh, but be sensitive to their need to rest.

**Be sure and ask which cleaning products they use. Many use the “natural” or “chemical-free” that are compatible with a little one’s nose, throat, and lungs.

Lots of Scriptures and Prayers!


Take them a little devotional book that has daily scriptures, encouragement, and prayers. You may prefer writing a long letter with these verses to read in quiet times. Either way, this is a great idea to remind the new parents that God is hovering over them with tender, loving care and guidance.

Pray faithfully for this new little family, for perfect health for the baby, as well as the parents, and rest of family. Pray for this precious marriage, for physical, emotional, and spiritual strength. With a new baby comes additional stress, so bathe them in prayer!

And...to all of you mommas out there, new or experienced, I pray that you will have a restful, peaceful, love-filled day this Sunday. Happy Mothers’ Day!