Washed Clean

We were in Nicaragua, sitting on the front porch of a house sharing with a woman named Fatima. Suddenly, the front door opened and a man, dripping wet, clothed only with a bath towel, stuck his head out the door to see what we were doing. He looked at us and stood there, listened for a few minutes, and then he disappeared. The man was Gustavo, Fatima’s husband.

We continued on with the story. A few minutes later the door opened again and Gustavo came out, fully dressed and sat down with us to hear the rest of the story. When we finished sharing the gospel both husband and wife wanted to pray to receive the Lord.

With joy on his face, Gustavo told us that just that morning he was contemplating his life, he knew he was going to Hell because he knew he was far from God and that his sins were keeping him from Heaven. Just that morning he asked God to send someone to help him turn his life around.

We showed up that afternoon on his front porch and he knew God had heard his prayer and answered. What a great God we have!