Treasure Found In Miseke

The village of Miseke is located in the heart of rural Tanzania, Africa and isn't found on most maps. Kathie, a Texas native, discovered hopelessness and desperation in the village primarily made up of Aids outcasts. They struggled for help, medicine and food, but just when they saw a glimmer of hope, elephants came and destroyed all of the their crops. They were loosing all hope. 

Kathie took immediate action with food and a few dollars. But long-term, sustainable solutions had to be created. 

Kathie and team began to work with the local churches... walking alongside them, and listening to the dreams they had for their village. 

Eyes became open to the resources around them, as training through the churches birthed community projects that would turn their dreams into reality. Children were the top priority! 

A school was started to focus on basic education. Then the cultivating of land to grow vegetables (Casava).