The Altar at Aisle 11

With the world taking precautions of limited traveling these last few months, we want to remember that sometimes our “mission field” is right here at home. Larry is a faithful member of a Disaster Relief Team in Ohio who tirelessly go where needed when disasters strike. Larry keeps a daily log of “divine appointments” that God brings to him in sharing the Gospel message through the EvangeCube.  We are blessed to read, pray, and be encouraged to share the Good News with others…here and abroad.

"With spring just around the corner I decided to explore Lowe’s today. As I was making my way through the store two of the clerks asked if they could help me find something. I said, "well, I'm not sure what I'm looking for.” They decided it would be difficult to help me, so I asked if I could show them a different kind of cell phone. I had to come clean and tell them it was actually a "Hot Line To Heaven" (EvangeCube) and they found that rather amusing, but it did get their attention. One of them got a phone page and had to leave. I asked the other one, Heather why God should let her into His heaven and she said, because she was a good person. I told her that was a good start and asked if I could share the HOT LINE with her. When I asked her if she would like to make the choice and invite Jesus to be her Savior, she said yes, but, "I do not have a church". I quoted Romans 10:9 and told her it did not say you have to do it in church and she could pray right there and have Jesus as her Savior. After praying, Heather said, "I just always thought you had to go down to the Altar and never thought something like this could happen right here in aisle 11 at Lowe’s. We both laughed as she was about to tear up. I shared a few uplifting Bible verses with her and gave her the names of some good churches and suggested she find one she likes and get involved in a Bible study. I gave her an EvangeCube and when I left we both had a smile on our face…"

God Bless, Larry