Remember to Breathe!

We live in such a fast-paced, hurry up world already that when the holidays come around our emotions are out of control! Do you agree? Just drive on down to Walmart and watch the traffic. Some scary stuff right there! Everyone scrambling for that perfect parking spot, close to the door. I have to admit there have been a few times when I found myself circling the huge parking lot hoping for a new pristine spot to open up! Missed it, gonna take one more lap around and see if.........nope! Oh well, “walking is good” muttering to myself.

Other than someone jumping in front of me claiming MY spot, whether it is in line at a store, or in a parking lot, I think the absolute worst is tailgating. There are some very impatient drivers out there! A scary sight looking in the rearview mirror, seeing a car closing in, until his headlights disappear. You know it’s too close when you can’t see the headlights! I’ve come close to hitting the car in front of me because I was so worried about being hit from behind.

Okay, enough of the negative reminiscing about things that we cannot change regarding others. Let’s take a few minutes and look at what we CAN change, our reaction to these daily, frustrating, joy-robbing situations.

A few things to consider...

What if the person jumping in front of you in line at the store was getting medicine for his sick child? Wouldn’t you feel a desperation to get some relief for that sick child?

What if someone smugly takes your parking spot, on purpose, knowing it was yours? Maybe Christmas brings back bad memories and all they’re thinking right now is just getting through the holidays.

And that guy who’s “riding your tail”! Maybe he has a sick parent or loved one he’s trying desperately to get to.

We have no idea what others are going through, especially during the holidays. You never know who may be hurting inside physically, emotionally, or spiritually and needs some extra grace.

So, please...let’s all slow down, take a deep breath, pray for that person who has “wronged” you. Then make an earnest effort to be kind to others during this Christmas season.