Rallies, Protests, and Answered Prayers

We are praising the Lord for the outcome yesterday. We did not realize that on Good Friday (on the first anniversary of the crisis) in Managua, the Catholics had a traditional march to Church. The anti-government protesters infiltrated the parade and began protesting, many police were called out and pelted the people with teargas. The protesters were trapped in the church and negotiators had to be called in to free them! 

Thank the Lord that we were allowed to carry-on as planned. At one point the armed police that were guarding us were all standing around eating ice cream! 

Friday, 300 students went out sharing the Gospel using 120 eCubes - 2500 New Testaments were distributed - many were prayed for to receive Christ- we taught, encouraged and prayed for the 70 Pastors and wives. The Jesus parade was beautiful with over 300 walking and riding bikes! Hallelujah it didn’t rain! 

The evangelistic rally saw up to 1000 in attendance. Many made decisions for Christ! Local Nicaraguan students sang, danced and shared. Local Pastors preached along side us! We gave bikes to 35 Pastors and some to the people attending. There was a “draw” and a young orphan boy wept when he received a new bike! 

At the end of the evening the police welcomed us praying for them and we gave two of the policeman bicycles. 

Your prayers are very effective!