Listen To Their Heart

When we take the time to listen to someone’s HEART rather than their WORDS, it moves us into a deeper level of understanding and connection. By taking that few extra moments, a special bond is formed, creating a whole new level of “to know and be known”. Why is that so important? It enhances our ministry as we work together to fulfill God’s plan for our lives and others. “Therefore, encourage and build up one another…” I Thessalonians 5:11

Sharing in each other’s joys and disappointments, triumphs and the failures, building each other up in their emotional and spiritual strengths.

Let me give you an example…I like texting. Most people love it. It’s quicker to communicate by sending a short text than taking the time for a call. Now, with me being a social person, I like to talk over the phone, better yet, in person. I love the interaction of seeing one’s expressions, and emotions through verbal communication. Everyone has their own choices of communication, but I have found many times that my texts, some sent out and others delivered to me are misunderstood. We can’t see their facial expressions, body language, or hear the inflections in their voice.

And so, reading texts can lead us in “assuming” the wrong meaning leading to us into a series of negative emotions, wasting time worrying about “What did he/she mean by that?!” I’m not against texting, we all take advantage of the technology.

I guess the real point of this blog is to encourage all of us to take the time with fellow believers and listen, really listen to what their HEART is saying to you and not just the WORDS being said. It could just lead to helping others develop a deeper sense of God’s love for us.

“They will know you are of Christ, by the love you have for one another.” John 13:35