Lessons In Faith to Encourage and Restore

Today, we are introducing a new weekly blog post, by our very own Sandy Hailey!

For years, we have enjoyed hearing her insightful stories and wisdom and we think you will too!

Habakkuk was one of the “minor prophets” in the Old Testament. The minor prophets are called that because their books were very short, just a few chapters long. But don’t let that fool you. What they did have to say, in just a few chapters, were very powerful! 

Habakkuk lived in a time when the Babylonians (enemies of God) were about to capture Jerusalem. God was directing Habakkuk to go and tell His people that they were about to be punished for turning away from Him, and the Babylonians were the “instruments” that God will use. 

Prophets were the “mediators” who brought God’s message to His people. That is why a lot of the prophets were run out of town, stoned, or killed because the people didn’t like what the prophet was telling them. They just wanted to hear the “good stuff”!

It is important to know, that Habakkuk was the first prophet who questionsGod about his decision of this impending doom!

So in Chapter 1, Habakkuk is questioning God…”Why are you permitting our enemies to come against us? Why don’t you just wipe them all out and be done with them? And even worse, why are you going to use these evil, disgusting, enemies of ours to not only live, but to rule over us?

Evidently, Habakkuk realizes he has no right to question God, so he responds back writing in chapter 2…….”I will stand watch in my place upon the tower and listen to God for what He has to say. And after I get “reproved” (schooled), I will answer God with a “new understanding”.

“The Lord answered me, and said……Write a new vision, make it plain to them what I AM doing for them, and so they will RUN to ME and understand…I love them, this is for their benefit. The vision I have for them is for an appointed time, I am telling you the truth, even though this will take a while, WAIT for it…”

“The just shall live by faith"

There it is! We don’t know what will happen tomorrow, next week, or next year. But what we DO know is this…God loves us so much that He wants the very best for us. He provides us with that blessed HOPE that He will sustain us as we live out our days trusting in Him.