God's Miracle In A Gas Leak

“There are so many times, in so many places around the world, that God has specifically protected me in an unusual way. One that immediately comes to mind was when I lived alone for a year (with Jesus!) in Buenos Aires, Argentina, a city of 13 million. One morning while writing devotional notes from the Word, I began to feel very light headed and dozed for brief minutes many times, each time trying to wake up, trying to write down this strangeness.  It was as if I had been drugged. I had a strong impulse to get outside. (Later I learned that there was a gas leak in that room!) As I walked out the door, it locked behind me, without my key. I found a locksmith a few blocks away, and he returned with me, got me in the door, and we began to talk. Almost immediately the Holy Spirit said, “Give him the EvangeCube.” I immediately replied to Him, “But it’s the only one I have!” (Not out loud, of course!) So I did, and this man was amazed. He told me how he preached at a little church, and they could definitely use this. To make long story short—I locked myself out a few months later and he returned and said, “That EvangeCube you gave me—my college son used it, and 10 young men in his dorm gave their life to Christ.” Hebron Church then sent me a case of EvangeCubes, which I gave to 24 young seminary students to use in their ministry all over Argentina. Only in Heaven will we know the results! I felt like the child who handed Jesus two fish from his lunchbox! Father, I have come to know the reality of Romans 3:23, that You douse very inconvenient experiences in our life to work good and bring glory to Your name.”