I was out shopping last week for a special Valentine’s gift for my wife. After a few minutes of being helped by a young lady behind the jewelry counter, nothing seemed to “catch my eye”. As I thanked her and turned to walkaway, I realized what a great opportunity to share with her the greatest gift anyone could ever receive. She began sharing with me how this had been a tough week, knowing that Valentine’s Day is approaching and she just came out of a very painful and abusive relationship. Her words were, “How can I come into work everyday with a smile on my face, greeting customers who are looking for that special gift for their “valentine”? I have to tell you, at this point, that I usually carry a small evangelism cube in my pocket for times like these. (God’s divine appointments!) As I took out the cube and shared God’s free gift of salvation, I saw the change sweep over Andrea’s face! It was a precious moment in time, realizing that the gift I thought that I needed, was over-shadowed by a much greater need. Andrea bowed her head to receive the most precious gift of all - life for eternity and hope for today!