God’s transforming love in Nicaragua

The EvangeCube is an amazing tool for both confidence in sharing the gospel, as it takes the eyes off you momentarily, and it is simply a love story of our creator reaching out to us. On our last mission trip to Nicaragua and Costa Rica we must have seen 70-80 souls give their hearts to the LORD JESUS. One evening as it was getting dark, we went for a short walk down the street in Nicaragua. 6 people heard the gospel after we had exchanged names and spoke to them for a bit, one lady was very upset at hearing the gospel and was swearing at us in Spanish. 

Meanwhile, three others said “please continue sir.” We did and those three accepted JESUS on the spot. There are so many more like this; three in a chocolate shop, three construction workers, five in a group on the street at midday, two hydro workers, and many many more! Those people were touched by this amazing simple love story! Thank you in the precious name of JESUS!