God really can use anything and anybody to do His work!

This Summer, my close friend Diane, who also happens to be the pastor’s wife, talked me into going with them on my first mission trip to Brazil. This was something I had put off for many years, mostly due to fear that I did not have enough experience, had memorized enough bible verses, or that I would be able to find the words to lead people to Christ. 

Before we left, our leader Tom gave everyone a tool that would help us to be able to share the gospel. There were even instructions and scriptures that I could use as a reminder in case I forgot. This tool happened to be the EvangeCube. 

In the field, it was like God had turned my anxiety into excitement, especially after witnessing for the first time. The EvangeCube helped give me confidence and a hunger to keep sharing the gospel with more people. Not everyone was receptive, but those that were, it was amazing to see the look in their eyes. They were so thankful that I took the time to share Jesus with them. 

Thank you for making this amazing tool available. I cannot recommend it enough for any person who needs a little help sharing their faith!