Give Your Worries To God

Give all your worries to him, because he cares about you” 1 Pet. 5:7

Do you know what the word, “worry” means? In looking up different translations, here are some definitions: “to strangle” - divide the mind - a rope around our neck” leading us to take our eyes off God.

That is some strong language! When I think about the times that I worry, and all the while I’m wearing a rope around my neck; it’s easy to sit here now and think, “well, that’s just stupid!” But, yeah...that’s what it is. It’s unbelief, a lack of faith. Do you remember the story in John 6 – Feeding the five thousand? The people turned out to hear Jesus, they all got hungry, and the disciples started panicking! “We only have five loaves of bread and two small fish, we can’t feed all these people!” They went to Jesus for help; and He was about to teach them an incredible lesson…”no, you can’t feed them, but I can. So, calm down, have a seat, and let Me show you what I can do!”

And, as we all know, Jesus took the scraps of food, gave thanks, and proceeded to feed the 5,000; then filled up twelve baskets of leftovers to boot. What a lesson indeed!

Do you think that from then on, the disciples never had a problem with a lack of faith? They did. Following Jesus around for three years, sitting at His feet, hanging on every Word He said. Still…they had their struggles with unbelief. But, here’s the thing…they kept going, they kept following Him, and serving Him, and believing in Him. And in the end, they were willing to die for Him! What an impact He had on their lives, on our lives, on the whole world of humanity!

I must stop here. But we’re not done yet. I need this! I need to be reminded over and over again, how faithful our God is; and through the struggles, through the uncertainty, pain, and tears, He sees us. Our Heavenly Father knows what’s best. Always and forever. (Do you need to be reminded too?)

He is lovingly and methodically leading us to a place of calmness, where we can sit in awe of Him. ”Dear child, have a seat and let me show you what I can do!”