Comfort In A Cube

Ms. Jean was our youth group leader for as long as I could remember growing up. I went to a small church, so Ms. Jean became a “church mom” to me and the rest of my friends of the same age. She was in her early 50’s, never married, and loved us kids as if we were her own.

When our group was entering into high school, Ms. Jean had saved up enough money to purchase a gift for all 8 of us students. What we received was an EvangeCube. Ms. Jean taught us how to use it, and told us to hold on to it because one day we would be able to pass on the gift.

A few years later, myself and a few of my friends went on our first mission trip to Honduras. We met with our team leader at the local school. Then he brought out something I had seen before… an EvangeCube! I got excited and comforted seeing something familiar, that reminded me of home. The next day, we went and witnessed in a small village. Despite being nervous, I remembered what Ms. Jean had taught us. I was able to present to EvangeCube to many locals (with assistance from our translator). I loved seeing their faces when I shared Jesus’ love with them!

I do not think I would have had the courage to go on a mission trip, or share my faith, if Ms. Jean hadn’t invested so much time into us students. I still have my EvangeCube Ms. Jean gave me, keeping it as a reminder of sharing the hope and love of Jesus. I am very thankful for my “church mom” and how God still uses her to touch my life!