Blue Lights and Holy Lights

A Pastor was driving through a neighboring state one night. He had been gone from his family for several days and was anxious to get home. What he did not notice was the speed limit of 60 mph…it was 70 mph at home! The flashing blue lights, dreaded by all, were suddenly in the rear view mirror. He pulled over, waited for the officer to approach as he rolled down the window, and listened to what the officer had to say about the speeding laws in that state. Before the officer left, the Pastor remembered the EvangeCube he always carried and he prayed silently for the Lord to go before him. 

Before leaving, the officer haltingly agreed to watch and listen to the Pastors presentation of the Gospel story with the EvangeCube. There in the dark of the evening, the Pastor was amazed to see a light, a holy light, coming from the Patrolman's eyes. He received Christ as his savior right there on the side of the road! Thank you Lord for divine appointments you orchestrate every day all over the world. Did the Pastor get a speeding ticket from the Patrolman? That, we do not know. We do know this speeding Pastor (and the Patrolman) will never be the same!

— Ronnie O.