An Unexpected Prayer

As someone who eats at Chick-fil-a on a regular basis (probably too much), I'm always greeted with your usual "my pleasure, have a great day" employees, but tonight...tonight was different.

I ordered my usual, pulled into a spot for curbside pickup and waited for my food. It wasn't long before an employee brought it to my car. I grabbed my order and thanked her, however her response was different "my pleasure...can I pray for you?"…My heart dropped to the bottom of my stomach. My eyes filled with tears as she prayed and I sat in my car for a good 30 minutes afterwards ugly crying in the Chick-fil-a parking lot!

 I've never met this girl before, yet she was selfless enough to take the time out of a very busy night to stand at my window and pray for me. She had no clue of the internal battles I've been facing, yet she prayed for them. She didn't know the doubts I've had or the fear I have for my future, yet she prayed for them. Everything I have been struggling with and stressing over, she prayed for it.....all of it, without having a single conversation with me prior to my "thank you".

 She reminded me that we can never be too sure of the struggles other people face or what people go through. She showed me that even though this has been a tough year, there is still hope for a brighter future.

 As I sit in my apartment and eat my now cold fries, I'm still overwhelmed by the feeling in my heart that I have yet to stop crying. I'm so in awe of the God I serve and the fact that He placed this employee in my path tonight.

So to this employee, if by any chance she sees this, thank you for offering your kind words and actions to a complete stranger, your heart is bigger than anyone I've met and I wish you all the best in the future and to Chick-fil-A, thank you for blessing this community with the employee I encountered tonight. I will forever be grateful for this experience!

 -Forever Grateful