“All we like sheep…” Isaiah 53:6 Part 1

In this new blog series, Sandy will be unpacking the many wonderful characteristics of God and how He relates to us. We will be using the analogy of God as our Shepherd and us (His children) as His Sheep.
The Shepherd commits his very life to his sheep. Jesus said, “I am the good shepherd…I give my life for my sheep” John 10:11 

Full time – 24/7, 365 days, for the rest of their life. Sheep are the only herd animal that require full-time supervision, while other herd animals, like cows, can be released into a pasture to roam freely and checked on occasionally. They cannot be driven, like other herd animals, but need to be led by their master. The Shepherd spends his whole day walking among his sheep, keeping them safe from predators, leading them to food, fresh water, and periods of rest, then secures them at night within an enclosure. Some take their sheep in their homes at night, others will lead them into a pre-built, round, stone wall, (usually waist high), with an opening.

The Shepherd lays down across the opening creating a door, keeping them from straying during the night. “I am the door, by me nothing can come in unless he belongs to me…” John 10:9

It is a thankless and tiring job day after day, but the Shepherd loves his sheep, and chooses to remain vigilant to their every need. You see…sheep are not trainable, that’s why you never see sheep in a circus! They never learn from their mistakes. They do the same dumb things over and over again, never remembering the pain they brought on themselves the day before! Even though they know and love their Shepherd, their minds are set on “repeat” every day straying from their master and getting themselves in a whole lot of trouble!

So how does that relate to us? Let’s go back and take a look at the beginning…”All we like sheep have gone astray, we have ALL turned to OUR own way…” Isaiah 53:6. Even though we have put our trust and faith in our Good Shepherd (Our Heavenly Father), and we know He loves us, cares for us, and leads us……we still “dig in our heels” in stubborn protest refusing to follow Him! To be perfectly honest here, as I’m writing this, I’m asking myself…”Why do I continue to do that?!”

Do you struggle with following God’s will from time to time? Yeah…me too!

Next week, we’ll continue this study and how we might see ourselves through these lessons using God’s Word. So…stay tuned…for Part 2 of “All We Like Sheep…”