A Heart at Peace - Part 4

“A Heart at Peace”

(part 4)

Are you ready for the conclusion of this miracle story?

As Jason was being transferred to ICU from surgery, the doctors took us aside and told us what to expect…1) Even though he did live through surgery, his chances of living are very slim, 2) If he should live, he probably would never come out of the coma,

3) If by chance he does wake up from his coma, he would probably continue to live basically in a vegetative state in a hospital for the rest of his life! Going on to say that he had his staff contacting a facility in Florida where he could be admitted only to live out his altered state!

Even now, after all these years, I find myself re-living those horrible moments, crying out to God to save my son and give me the strength to face what was to come. A few days passed and a local pastor came to pray with us and show us a scripture that he felt God had given to him.

“There came a ruler, Jairus, from the synagogue falling at Jesus’ feet begging Him to come, urgently, to his house where his daughter lay dying. As they continued to the home, people came running up saying that the girl had died, and that Jesus need not bother now. But ignoring the crowd, Jesus pressed on to the house where she laid, taking her hand and raising her from the dead.” Mark 5

I want to tell you how profound that passage was for us. God was revealing to us that HE has the last word over life and death. That there will be others who come into your life who are well-meaning people. But, it is our responsibility to discern whether to receive their counsel or not. Sometimes it is very clear, if it is good or bad advice, but other times, not so much. And in these times, if we don’t have that intimate, daily walk with our Heavenly Father, we are certain to end up listening to unwise and possibly demonic influences!

So…that sweet pastor helped us realize that even though we were getting unimaginable news that our son would either die soon or be in a vegetative state for the rest of his life; we would “ignore the crowd” doctors, tests, injuries, and press on, holding tightly to God’s Word and His hope for us.

I am happy and grateful to say that eight days later, Jason did wake up! He was coherent, able to talk and walk! After a month in that hospital, we were able to go home to Florida, to a church family who surrounded us in prayerand meeting our every need. Jason did have a second brain surgery in Florida with another month-long stay, but God was always close by holding us up! There are so many other details to thisstoryof miracles throughout this process. Maybe another time to share thosewith you.

It has been a long journey, and I did struggle to keep the faith many times, watching my son push through the pain and fight his way back. That is life, and yes, we all struggle from time to time, but we have a Heavenly Father, a daddy who is always there, holding on to us.

Today, Jason is 48 years old, with 5 children, living in New Orleans area and is an exceptional Paramedic! He shares his faith often, telling others about the accident. Through the years, we have heard from hundreds of people all over the world who have heard his testimony or read about him and how it has affected their lives.

Looking up…thanking God for His grace, mercy, and healing power! To Him be the Glory!