"A Call To Arms"

"A Call To Arms"

(def. “a call to prepare for CONFRONTATION, a call to arms to DEFEND against a TAKEOVER”)

 The above definition, we believe, is something we are all experiencing right now. 2020 birthed a whirlwind of chaos from sickness and death to financial collapse to violence in our streets, businesses, and schools. Such disdain towards authority, any authority in our lives seems to be the norm. We have become “our own gods” (in our eyes).

 Our freedoms are slowly and methodically slipping away while we continue to live complacent, unaffected, and clueless to the real danger that camps at the doors of our homes, churches, and businesses.

 Most people don’t even realize the seriousness of these uncertain times and that is why we are asking you… (I am speaking to Christians right now”)…

 Do we really understand a “call to arms” is critical right now?

 What is my personal responsibility in all this chaos? Okay, let’s see………read my Bible, pray, be kind, give to others in need. Yes…that should cover it, right? No! It doesn’t!

 Although that’s certainly a good start, it’s not enough. Let me give you an illustration. Actually, it’s a quote that I heard years ago.

 “Excuse me, what are you saying? I can’t hear you! Your actions are speaking louder than your words!”

 You cannot tell me that you love me, but not follow-up with an action behind the words. Don’t say, “I appreciate you”……with nothing to back that up!

 Don’t get me wrong, endearing words are wonderful, but, for those who have repeatedly heard “I’m sorry” (for the same offense), those are just empty words! They mean nothing.

 How about a challenge? How about we put our love of God into action!  A challenge that could have an absolute turn-around influence on this nation…possibly the world? What if we decide to unapologetically share the Gospel with everyone that is within our sphere of influence, our family, friends, social media platforms, every possible opportunity we have to saturate the United States with God’s love and His purpose for our country!

 Now, I know that is a bold challenge, but think of the current environment that we are in right now, depression, insecurity, anger, doubt. We have been caught off guard by the pandemic, loss of businesses and jobs, the political chaos,  feelings of hopelessness, and the horrific violence that has ensued.

 But, as Christians, we have the “hope” within us to share with others the Good News! Here at e3 Resources, we don’t believe “it’s too late” to save America, do you?

 We believe that we are a part of the solution, and our part is providing a very easy way to share some HOPE with others. It is so simple and so effective and yet, able to produce a dynamic change for the good in our country. A change in individual lives that can radically change this nation back to God!

 It is the EvangeCube! A "rubiks-type" cube that twists and turns revealing images of how to experience a relationship with the one true God!

 Now, before we lose you, thinking that we’re only here to “sell something”. We are here for that, BUT that is a means to an end. The end being a nation of like-minded people turning back to the Christian principles and values on which this nation was founded upon.

Are you ready to accept the challenge? (Go to our website below and check out this simple evangelism "cube" that folks are talking about!) 30% off for a few more days!

 -Sandy Hailey


-Belinda....."I was pleasantly surprised on how easy it was to share my faith with my sister-in-law by using the EvangeCube! Now, to work on my brother!" 

-Stephen....."I teach Sunday School to 5th-6th grade boys. They were so engaged as I went thru the Gospel images one by one. Some received Jesus thru that presentation and then wanted a cube for themselves to take and share with their friends! I am blessed!