Sharing in Peru and Mexico...

Here is a photo of me in Tarapoto, Peru sharing the good news using the Evangecube.  On our next trip, we are going to outskirt villages around Tarapoto, Peru.  I’m fortunate in that I don’t need a translator to share the faith.

On one trip I was sent to a church to preach the Sunday morning message at sunrise.  The church was located in the “Moreno District” which was known as the Red Light District in that the area of Tarapoto.  When I got there, the sun was just coming up and I didn’t see the church.  But as I approached the open patio, I saw the church. They were prostate in prayer under an open patio in prayer for their church and their community.

I can’t tell you how humbled I was to share a message to these giants of the faith.  They taught me about the power of testimony.  At the beginning of the service a young man, stood up and gave his testimony of coming to Jesus and what God’s power was doing in his life.  That was wonderful, but the next step startled me even more.  He had been meditating on the Lord and sung a song that he had written and sung it a cappella.  His message was a powerful message that he delivered.

Now when I go into prisons in Mexico and minister (they don’t have any money), but I tell them that they can give an offering even from their poverty.  I call them “popcorn testimonies”. 

Severo Chavez