• Perseverance, Prayer, and Faith!

    18th Mar 2019

    Perseverance, Prayer, and Faith!

    I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate you and the gifts of Evangecubes that you have given. This man, Daniel Phiri, received this evangecube in 2010 in Kitwe and is still using it. Just…

    Published by Jerry Hamlin

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  • 26th Feb 2019

    Blue Lights and Holy Lights

    A Pastor was driving through a neighboring state one night. He had been gone from his family for several days and was anxious to get home. What he did not notice was the speed limit of 60 mph…it was 7…

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  • Washed Clean

    17th Jan 2019

    Washed Clean

    We were in Nicaragua, sitting on the front porch of a house sharing with a woman named Fatima. Suddenly, the front door opened and a man, dripping wet, clothed only with a bath towel, stuck his head o…

    Published by Jan O.

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  • Jesus Shines Through Our Kids

    11th Jan 2019

    Jesus Shines Through Our Kids

    “I have been using the EvangeCube at our end of the “Confirmation Year” retreat. Our church has around 90 ninth graders confirmed each year. The EvangeCube is one of their favorite activities from th…

    Published by – Jeanne Smith

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  • Seeing The Truth

    14th Dec 2018

    Seeing The Truth

    "I love using the EvangeCard to share the gospel. Recently I had a patient on the first day after his cataract surgery hand me a jasper stone and ask, “Did you know the Jasper stone is mentioned two…

    Published by Dr. Brister

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  • Bangladesh Story of Hope!

    14th Dec 2018

    Bangladesh Story of Hope!

    Here is one of our students using the EvangeCubes in Bangladesh. We've heard many testimonies about how having the EvangeCube has made sharing the Gospel so easy! The students have found that people w…

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  • EvangeCube Trainings in Africa!

    14th Dec 2018

    EvangeCube Trainings in Africa!

    “We have trained over 150,000 people in Africa to use the EvangeCube, with more being trained every month!Thanks for helping us reach Africa with the Gospel!” …

    Published by Barry Wood

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  • God's Miracle In A Gas Leak

    14th Dec 2018

    God's Miracle In A Gas Leak

    “There are so many times, in so many places around the world, that God has specifically protected me in an unusual way. One that immediately comes to mind was when I lived alone for a year (with Jesus…

    Published by Jeannie

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  • eCube on Everest

    5th Dec 2018

    eCube on Everest

    I am not sure the eCube has ever been this high. I am on top of Kala Patar, 18,300 feet and that is Everest in the center of the picture. AMAZING. AWESOME is that the team had opportunity to shar…

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  • 5th Dec 2018


    I was out shopping last week for a special Valentine’s gift for my wife. After a few minutes of being helped by a young lady behind the jewelry counter, nothing seemed to “catch my eye”. As I thanked…

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  • Summer Salvations in Uganda

    5th Dec 2018

    Summer Salvations in Uganda

    The July summer heat of 2016 brought a small team from Colorado across the world, to two small towns in Uganda. There, they ministered to the people with a focus on evangelism in the prisons, hospital…

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  • Treasure Found In Miseke

    1st Dec 2018

    Treasure Found In Miseke

    The village of Miseke is located in the heart of rural Tanzania, Africa and isn't found on most maps. Kathie, a Texas native, discovered hopelessness and desperation in the village primarily made u…

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