• Rallies, Protests, and Answered Prayers

    13th Aug 2019

    Rallies, Protests, and Answered Prayers

    We are praising the Lord for the outcome yesterday. We did not realize that on Good Friday (on the first anniversary of the crisis) in Managua, the Catholics had a traditional march to Church. The…

    Published by Liz Doyle

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  • The Significance of 3

    8th Aug 2019

    The Significance of 3

    I remember a life-changing moment in my junior year of high school. It was in Mrs. White’s English class. For some sadistic reason, she seemed to enjoy embarrassing some of her “less popular” stude…

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  • God’s transforming love in Nicaragua

    10th Jul 2019

    God’s transforming love in Nicaragua

    The EvangeCube is an amazing tool for both confidence in sharing the gospel, as it takes the eyes off you momentarily, and it is simply a love story of our creator reaching out to us. On our last miss…

    Published by Ken L

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  • Freedom: Our Right and Responsibility

    1st Jul 2019

    Freedom: Our Right and Responsibility

    “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursu…

    Published by Sandy Hailey

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  • A Father’s Love Fulfilled!

    12th Jun 2019

    A Father’s Love Fulfilled!

    With Father’s Day coming in a few days, I thought this personal story would be appropriate to share. While some will enjoy this Father’s Day with warm wishes, family gatherings, and celebrations; ther…

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  • Lessons In Faith to Encourage and Restore

    16th May 2019

    Lessons In Faith to Encourage and Restore

    Today, we are introducing a new weekly blog post, by our very own Sandy Hailey!For years, we have enjoyed hearing her insightful stories and wisdom and we think you will too! Habakkuk was one of the “…

    Published by Sandy Hailey

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  • 9th May 2019

    Comfort In A Cube

    Ms. Jean was our youth group leader for as long as I could remember growing up. I went to a small church, so Ms. Jean became a “church mom” to me and the rest of my friends of the same age. She was in…

    Published by Amy W.

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  • Christ in our kids!

    23rd Apr 2019

    Christ in our kids!

    A few years ago I had the privilege to start an elementary FCA program in my elementary school. WOW, when I introduced the EvangeCubes to the students, many of them non-churched, it fired them up! The…

    Published by Bob Rung

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  • Easter in Russia!

    4th Apr 2019

    Easter in Russia!

    Russia has a huge celebration for Easter each year. During this timeit is possible to openly tell the story of "Paska" which is theRussian word for “Easter”.We will give each division in our school a…

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  • Perseverance, Prayer, and Faith!

    18th Mar 2019

    Perseverance, Prayer, and Faith!

    I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate you and the gifts of Evangecubes that you have given. This man, Daniel Phiri, received this evangecube in 2010 in Kitwe and is still using it. Just…

    Published by Jerry Hamlin

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  • 26th Feb 2019

    Blue Lights and Holy Lights

    A Pastor was driving through a neighboring state one night. He had been gone from his family for several days and was anxious to get home. What he did not notice was the speed limit of 60 mph…it was 7…

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