“All We Like Sheep…” Isaiah 53:6  Part 4

“All We Like Sheep…” Isaiah 53:6 Part 4

Published by Sandy Hailey on 28th Oct 2019

As we begin today, I’m still thinking about David and his life on the run. He’s not had an easy life journey; tending sheep, slaying a giant, betrayed by his mentor, Saul (now King Saul).

Saul became so full of himself, deciding that HE knew best and disobeyed God. Well…things took a deep dive from there! An underlying root of jealousy, anger, and hatred rose up against David due to all the attention and praises David was receiving. All of those “evil roots” took hold of King Saul as he distanced himself from God. The evil within him drove him to one desire—kill David!

So, he gathered his army and went after David with a vengeance! Now, the humble shepherd, a man after God’s own heart, became a man on the run. There were times when David had opportunities to capture and kill his friend, king, and now pursuer. But he didn’t.

He knew to leave that in the hands of God, His Protector! David was a great witness to his men when they asked him why he didn’t kill King Saul when he had the chance; but David replied,

“I will not touch (kill) God’s anointed…” 1 Samuel 26!

You probably are familiar with the saying…”Oh how the mighty have fallen…” 2 Samuel.David wrote that while mourning the death of Saul when he received the news.

I feel like I need to stop here and touch on a deeper meaning to what we just read. When someone hurts us, we can take that pain and tuck it deep inside, hold onto it, nurture it, until it comes back and destroys us physically, emotionally, and spiritually. We lose our health, we lose our mind, and we lose our joy. But, releasing the hurt to God, trusting Him to take care of it, then we no longer have to live underneath that burden. **(Please know, I am NOT down-playing any situations that you might have experienced.) David realized he needed to give that to God and trust Him with the responsibility of dealing with Saul. So….yes…..David sobbed at the hearing of Saul’s death, the painful past was over, and he truly missed his old friend, mentor, and king.

A good lesson, don’t you agree?

So, do you know what was going on during this desperate time in David’s life? He was scouting out places in the wilderness, where to hide, where to find nourishment, and learning to trust God for his very life! He didn’t know it yet, but finding the good hiding places, where water and food can be found, staying alive; all under the care and love of his Father, God. You see, God knew David would find himself back here again, in the wilderness, as King David. He will soon find himself in another battle with his enemies. Later…the deep anguish, hiding out from his own son hunting to kill him and take over the throne. Little did David know that God was STILL equipping him for the future. The future of King David over Judah!

Can we stop for a moment and take a look at our own lives? Has God allowed you to go through some desperate times, hurtful, fearful, questioning why? Why God? Why are you taking me through this, when you can obviously use your almighty power and remove this from me? Could it be to rely on Him, to strengthen us, and show us a better way, His way?

That is exactly what He did with Moses. God knew what He wanted for Moses, a higher calling than Moses could ever have imagined. Leading a nation, God’s chosen people, hundreds of thousands of Hebrews crossing the desert. A desert where Moses had already lived, tended sheep, found a wife, and became familiar with his surroundings.

God had bigger plans!

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