• The eCube In Cuba

    15th Nov 2019

    The eCube In Cuba

    We had a great time in Cuba last week teaching 300 Cuban pastors and church leaders. I had the privilege to teach evangelism using the EvangeCube and pass out EvangeCubes, eFolds, and bracelets with t…

    Published by Jerry Hamlin

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  • What We Gain When We Go

    11th Nov 2019

    What We Gain When We Go

    In the song of all songs (Song of Solomon 1:1), we meet a young Shulamite woman as she falls in love with a king. As their relationship develops, her own youth and immaturity are confronted by his inv…

    Published by Stephanie Quick

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  • All we like Sheep - Part 2

    17th Oct 2019

    All we like Sheep - Part 2

    “All we like Sheep…” Isaiah 53:6Part 2Did you know that sheep are afraid of drinking running water? It’s true. They aren’t even aware that they even need water. In fact, you can often find them grazin…

    Published by Sandy Hailey

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  • Building community through tragedy

    10th Sep 2019

    Building community through tragedy

    Amazing story from a flight attendant on Delta Flight 15, written following 9/11/2001:"On the morning of Tuesday, September 11, we were about 5 hours out of Frankfurt, flying over the North Atlantic.…

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  • eTracts for Eyesight in Brasil

    21st Aug 2019

    eTracts for Eyesight in Brasil

    You guys are doing amazing things with our resources for the Kingdom! Tim J. sent us these photos of his team using the eTracts to test eyesight in eye clinics in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. What a creat…

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  • Rallies, Protests, and Answered Prayers

    13th Aug 2019

    Rallies, Protests, and Answered Prayers

    We are praising the Lord for the outcome yesterday. We did not realize that on Good Friday (on the first anniversary of the crisis) in Managua, the Catholics had a traditional march to Church. The…

    Published by Liz Doyle

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